Callee Daytona Swivel Stool without Tilt

Callee Daytona Bar Stool without Tilt feature and arms. Seat comes standard with welt. ​ Standard Stool Sizing: 26 inch, 30 inch height.

  • Durable 16-gauge Steel Construction
  • Full Dimension Wood/Cut Metal Profile
  • Full Weld Joints
  • Non-Toxic Powder Coat Finishes
  • High-Density Poly Urethane Cushions

Each item is custom made to ensure they are built to top quality. CALLEE Inc. strives for luxury styling, reliable products, and comfort in each product.

Assembly Instructions






W 20″
D 19″
H 42″
S 26″


W 20″
D 19″
H 46″
S 30″


W 20″
D 19″
H 50″
S 34″

Callee Coverings

Callee Metal Finishes


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