About Muniz

Since 1965, Muniz has designed and created high-quality Acrylic/Lucite products that continue to impress and satisfy the needs and wants of customers. With over 45 years of experience in producing and designing Acrylic products, you are sure to be pleased with your new Acrylic furniture or any other top-of-the-line Acrylic pieces for years to come.

All of our Acrylic chairs and bar stools come in a variety of colors for the cushions to personalize your look. Our Acrylic bar stools come in heights of 24″ or 30″ and are built with return swivels.


Muniz Plastics’ acrylic bar stools offer a 5-year warranty. If your acrylic piece breaks, or if any joints come unglued or start to separate, Muniz will repair or replace your product free of charge. This warranty will be void if the product is abused or misused. The 5-year warranty only applies to the original owner.

Helping your Muniz products last.

Now that you are the proud owner of acrylic furniture. The piece made your home look a little more elegant. It really compliments the other features of the room. Now it is your job to ensure it continues to stay that way throughout the duration of its existence. With Muniz products from Barstool Designs, we are here to make sure you know exactly how to get your acrylic furniture to last and continue to look it absolute best. All you need is some acrylic cleaner. With these quick and easy steps, you acrylic tables will always look as if they were brand new.

Care Instructions

Keeping your Acrylic Fresh

You already made the wise decision on implementing acrylic furnishing to keep your home looking playful, yet sophisticated. This added the perfect modern touch. Luckily, you also purchased from professionals who know exactly how to care for these pieces. Our experts know a thing or two about how to clean and care for these delightfully transparent creations.

Cleaning your Acrylic with Acrylic Cleaner
To keep your furnishing looking fresh. You only need a few materials:

  • A clean microfiber cloth
  • Plastic cleaning solution
  • Plastic polish kit

Now for the fun part, the actual cleaning. Be sure to follow these quick and easy tips:

  • Use the right tools
    • Look for a cleaning solution made especially for plastic, such as Brillianize, and soft cotton microfiber cloths. It is essential to use a product made for acrylic, because many household cleaners, such as Windex, 409, or Fantastik, will break down the material and make it look cloudy. This is the last thing you want. Remember, you made the choice of getting acrylic furniture, you need to make it last. You’ll also want to make sure your microfiber cloth is clean. This is important. Small particles trapped in a used cloth can scratch the surface.
  • Apply cleaner
    • Clean away any dust or debris, then apply the plastic cleaner to a small section of your acrylic surface. Use your microfiber cloth to polish the acrylic gently. Once the area has been polished completely, move on to the next section and continue until the entire piece has been cleaned and polished.
  • Remove scratches
    • If your acrylic piece gets scratched, we any plastic polish kit for removing minor scratches. The kits typically come with easy-to-use instructions. If the scratch is too deep, turn to a professional who can attempt to buff the surface. The last thing you want is scratched-up acrylic tables.

Now that your acrylic pieces are crystal-clear and sparkling, you want to make sure they stay that way. You can do so by following these tips:

  • Stay away from ammonia.
    • This is acrylic’s number one enemy. You never want to use any cleaner that has ammonia. This is not negotiable.  The ingredient causes acrylic and Lucite to become cloudy, something you won’t be able to reverse.
  • Be very gentle
    • Acrylic is very vulnerable and can scratch easily. Avoid sharp and abrasive items. If you want to place a metal or similarly hard object on top of an acrylic table or tray.
  • Cover up
    • When storing your acrylic accessories, treat them as carefully as you would any piece of high-quality furniture. Cover the object in a sheet or soft fabric and place it in a shaded and climate-controlled area. This will keep the item good as new when you reach for it again.