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Darafeev – (Updated 9/1/2022) Darafeev is currently operating on approximately an 6-14 week production lead time. The number of days it takes once they ship depends on your location, but should not be more than 7 more business days.

An American Dream

For decades, Darafeev’s goal has been to deliver high-quality recreational furniture pieces ranging from multifunctional dining tables and game tables to quality Maple and Oak barstools.

Darafeev’s products attract star-studded clientele from the entertainment, politics, and sports spectrums. The magnetism of the product is not in mass yield but rather care in craftsmanship and detail and state-of-the-art engineering. Darafeev is recognized for its emphasis on quality, integrity, durability, and craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade and hand assembled with the highest quality control.

Darafeev was founded by Mikhail and Antonina Darafeev in 1959 in their small East LA garage. Within 10 years, the company expanded into its present Baldwin Park, California location, which still produces some of the world’s finest hardwood chairs and components.

In 1998 the company expanded to its San Bernardino County location and added almost 80,000’​ of production, executive offices, and factory trade showroom space.

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