Trica Aramis Barstool
Trica Aramis Barstool Aramis Seat Covering - Cocoa • Shown with comfort seat Aramis Bar Stool Cocoa Frame Aramis Bar Stool Cocoa Frame

Trica Aramis Bar Stool

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Aramis, one of the Three Musketeers, was known for holding his friendships sacred. His only wrong moves were made when refusing to harm a friend or friends feelings. In the same manner that all women seem to be intrigued by Aramis, you will be with the Trica Aramis bar stool.

•    Ultra-sturdy steel frame
•    Well-cushioned seat


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W 19 1/2
D 22
S 26 1/2″
H 42″


W 19 1/2
D 23
S 30 1/2″
H 46″


W 19 1/2
D 24
S 34 1/2
H 50″

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