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Johnston Casuals Maddox Swivel Stool 3229

What sets Maddox chairs apart is undoubtedly the distinctive horizontal wooden arcs adorning the backrest. The Maddox Barstool proudly showcases these gracefully curved backrests, supported by metal back posts that maintain even spacing and shape them into a subtle inward slope, resembling a sophisticated taper.

This barstool exudes a bold vintage charm. A square upholstered seat nestles within a sturdy metal frame, perched above legs that gradually and gracefully thin out. A ring-shaped footrest, ergonomically positioned, completes the ensemble.

To add a personalized touch, you have the option to choose from a range of premium and standard metal finishes, allowing you to achieve your preferred gloss or matte look that seamlessly complements the overall aesthetic of the stool.

  • 4-6 Week Delivery from time of Purchase
  • Ultra-sturdy frame
  • Created in an Eco-Friendly Facility
  • Made in the USA
  • Well-cushioned seat
  • 10 Year Metal Frame Warranty but built to last a lifetime

Must purchase a minimum quantity of 2






W 23.5
D 21
H 42
S 26″


W 23.5
D 21
H 46
S 30