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Johnston Casuals Carmine Non Swivel Bar Stool 1219

The unique front-legged Carmine Barstool dons on its distinct butterfly print pattern, boxed in a 16-inch deep tapered backseat. The low-profile backseat panel leaves the human back an embracing lean, coupled with a lumbar grasp.

The back panel waves its spiral bubble patterns in a whirling fashion, leaving a floaty effect, yet a smooth illusion. And to pair that air subtlety, the framed cushion seat holds into a pair of sturdy freestanding front legs clasped by an open taper base. The cushion seat can blend well into any interior by picking a material with patterns and prints of preference.

And to make it complete, the seemingly floating two-legged support strengthens through an adequately heightened single bar footrest braced in-between these stands.

One can dress its frames according to the preferred custom metal finish, which only highlights the bar stool’s complex stand and elegance.


  • 4-6 Week Delivery from time of Purchase
  • Ultra-sturdy frame
  • Created in an Eco-Friendly Facility
  • Made in the USA
  • Well-cushioned seat
  • 10 Year Metal Frame Warranty but built to last a lifetime

Must purchase a minimum quantity of 2




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W 18
D 18 1/2
H 38 1/2
S 26″


W 18
D 18 1/2
H 42 1/2
S 30





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