Metal Finish: 52 Oxidado • Seat Covering: Discontinued

Amisco Crystal Swivel 40487

Naturally green

No doubt about it, you’re a thinker. Intrigued by the ribs of a leaf, the smoothness of river pebbles, the wind in the trees! So much so that you’ve brought nature indoors with furniture and accessories inspired by nature’s own beauty. With just the right blend of harmony, simplicity, purity, and natural motifs and tones. A breath of fresh air for your surroundings! Because you definitely look good in green.

•    Ultra-sturdy steel frame
•    Well-cushioned seat
•    Non return

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W 16 1/4″
D 20 1/4″
H 37 1/2″
S 24 5/8″


W 16 1/4″
D 20 1/4″
H 43 1/2″
S 30 5/8″

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